Function References


inf_chars_for_L:Param p,Parabolic P->[ratvec] Defined in line number 8.

Given a parameter p for G and a theta-stable parabolic P, list all infinitesimal characters v for L so that v+rho(u) is the infinitesimal character of p.


wf_one_dim_params:ratvec ic, Parabolic P->[Param] Defined in line number 18.

List all one-dimensional characters, in the weakly fair range, of L, with given infinitesimal character.


wf_aqs_param_pol:Param p, Parabolic P->[(Param,ParamPol)] Defined in line number 28.

Auxiliary function: List of all weakly fair Aq(lambda) modules with infinitesimal character of p, and induced from P.


wf_aqs_param:Param p, Parabolic P->[(Param,Param)] Defined in line number 40.

Auxiliary function: As previous function, except a list of all parameters occurring as constitutents of such modules.


is_weakly_fair_Aq_from_P:Param p, Parabolic P->bool Defined in line number 50.

Decide whether p is the parameter of a (constituent of a) weakly fair Aq(lambda) induced from parabolic P.


special_theta_stable_parabolics:RealForm G->[Parabolic] Defined in line number 55.

List all proper theta-stable parabolics for G that are not Borels.


is_weakly_fair_Aq:Param p->bool Defined in line number 63.

Determine whether parameter p is that of a (constituent of a) weakly fair Aq(lambda) module.


is_wf_induced_from_one_dim:Param p->[Param] Defined in line number 77.

List all one-dimensional parameters pL so that p is theta-induced from pL in the weakly fair range.