Workshop/Tokyo Japan/January 2016

Some notes and other information from the workshop in Tokyo will appear here.

Overview of the Lectures
Reading List (from a workshop in Utah in 2013)
Algorithms for Representation Theory of Real Groups by Jeffrey Adams an dFokko du Cloux

Output from the computer demonstrations
These have been edited and annotated.

Lecture I: getting started, root data, groups, Cartan subgroups, Weyl groups
Lecture II: representations of SL(2,R), parameters, branching to K, blocks, block sizes, unitarity, spherical unitary dual of Sp(4,R) and G_2
Lecture III: branching to K revisited, more on parameters, Cayley transforms and cross actions, cuspidal data, general parabolic induction, cohomological induction, extended example of degenerate derived functor modules from [Kobayashi, Memoirs, 1991]