Models of Representations of Weyl groups

A model of a representation of a group W, with simple reflections s1,...,sn is a set of matrices A1,...,An so that si-> Ai generates the representation.

It is well known that every representation of a Weyl group has an integral model, i.e. each matrix Ai has integral entries. This generalizes the result for the symmetric group.

This directory contains models of all irreducible representations of Weyl groups of low rank, and software for creating and manipulating these models.

There are two types of models:

Integral Models The matrices are integral, and the invariant form is not necessarily diagonal. These were made by Jeffrey Adams, using Magma.

Rational Seminormal The matrices are rational, and the invariant form is diagonal. These are by John Stembridge, using Maple. Much more information about these models may be found at Stembridge's site Hereditary Matrix Models for Weyl Groups

The perl program converts between different kinds of models. Download it and run it yourself; give the command without any arguments for a help file.

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