Atlas of Lie Groups and Representations

These are text files with extensive information about unipotent representations of real exceptional groups. See the README file in each directory for more details.

G2 F4 E6 E7 E8

Unipotent Representations of Real Exceptional Groups

G K #unipotents                G K #unipotents
G2(cpt) G2 1 Esc7(compact) Esc7 1
G2(split) A1A1 12 Esc7(Hermitian) E6T1 28
F4(compact) F4 1 Esc7(quaternionic) A1D6 56
F4(B4) B4 3 Esc7(split) A7 252
F4(split) A1C3 75 Ead7(compact) E7 1
Esc6(compact) E6 1 Ead7(Hermitian) E6T1 23
Esc6(hermitian) D5T1 12 Ead7(quaternionic) A1D6 54
Esc6(quasisplit) A1A5 47 Ead7(split) A7 252
Esc6(F4) F4 3 E8(compact) E8 1
Esc6(split) C4 68 E8(quaternionic) A1E7 57
Ead6(compact) E6 1 E8(split) D8 362
Ead6(hermitian) D5T1 12
Ead6(quasisplit) A1A5 47
Ead6(F4) F4 3
Ead6(split) C4 68

Unipotent Representations for exceptional groups, and results on their stable sums.
This is an old link which is mostly but not entirely supplanted by the current information. In particular there is information about stable sums of unipotent representations which is not included in the newer files.